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This Blog have been born because I love good music.
I don’t like the music industry recommendations, only good music recommendations.I like music and I believe that the music is one ,you can call it indie rock,pop,funky,soul, hiphop,R&b we just call it good music.

Enjoy my selections .

Τρίτη, 3 Φεβρουαρίου 2015

The music behind the worst album covers ever.

Σε μια τυχαία ανζήτηση στο internet βρήκα το παρακάτω δημιούργημα.

Κάποιοι με μάλλον πολύ χρόνο βρήκαν τα πιο άθλια εξώφυλα αλλά το πήγαν και ένα βήμα παρακάτω.Έδεσαν τα εξώφυλα με τις μουσικές μέσα στον δίσκο.

Σε πολλές περιπτώσεις το μέσα με το έξω έχουν την ίδια αισθητική.

ορίστε και το tracklist μην χαθήτε

Carlos - Rosalie (1979)
Vincent Capretta - Nightstalker (1988)
Heino - Die lustigen Holzhackerbub’n (1976)
Euro-Fire - Ojos Del Amor (2009)
Tozovac - Jeremija (198?)
Gary - Crazy Love Games (1978)
Tino - Por Primera Vez (1983)
Nigel Pepper Cock - The Mullet Mafia (2001)
Big Bear - Doin Thangs (1998)
Swamp Dogg - Remember I Said Tomorrow (1971)
Joyce (Joyce Drake) - Jesus is Coming Again (1968)
Faye Richmonde - My Pussy Belongs to Daddy (1957)
Ken (Ken Snyder) - Holy Spirit Flow Through Me (1976)
Rudy Ray Moore - The Night Before Christmas, Part One (1996)
Devastatin’ Dave - Zip Zap Rap (1986)
Wasnatch - Get Nasty (2013)
Alla Pugacheva (with Jacob Dahlin) - Superman (1985)
Kevin Rowland - The Greatest Love of All (1999)
Millie Jackson - -Sho Nuff Danjus (1989)
John Bult - Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday (1980)
Viper - You’ll Cowards Don’t Even Smoke Crack (1998)
The Faith Tones - Jesus Use Me (1964)
Johnny Guitar Watson - A Real Mother For Ya (1977)
Shut Up and Dance - Dance Before the Police Come! (1991)
Mike Adkins - Thank You for the Dove (197?)
The Handless Organist (Rev. Alberta Baker) - He is Coming (1960s?)
Wally Whyton - Don’t Tell Me Your Troubles (1959)
Orleans - Still the One (1976)
Herbie Mann - Push Push (1971)
The Handsome Beasts - Tearing Me Apart (1981)
Brainstorm - You Knock Me Out (1972)
Orion (Jimmy Ellis) - Baby I Still Love You (1979)
Gert Jonnys - Jag tordes aldrig säga nått till mamma (197?)
Martin Denny - Love at Sight (1961)
Argentina Coral - Amor Gitano (1961)
Bamperos ‎– Tule Kanssani Kylpyyn (1980)
Saveta Jovanovic - Lazno je, lazno sve sto je tvoje (1971)
Quim Barreiros - Recibe Um Convite (198?)
Dan Crary - Lady’s Fancy (1977)
The Border Brass - We Wish You a Merry Christmas (1968)
Junior Parker - I Like Your Smile (sometimes titled I Like Your Style) (1971)

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